5 lug conversions are here!

5 lug conversions are here!

5 lug front hub conversion information.


Thank You for your interest in our 5 lug conversion hubs.  We have been making, selling and installing the custom wheel hubs for 1986-1993 Mazda and 1987-2000 Nissan trucks since 2001, many customers have enjoyed the ease of installation and the success they have had with these hubs compared to other methods people have tried over the years.  We have had customers come to us for our hubs after they have tried other methods and had issues like broken wheel studs and wheels coming off the truck on the highway.  Previously the hubs were marketed and sold by my other company No Limits Customs, which is now my fabrication and installation company and Specialty Autofab Supply is my parts business.  


Currently we are setting up to sell the Mazda hubs, we are exploring the option of offering the Nissan hubs as well, and we will update as soon as we know.

The hubs are precision CNC machined, chromoly steel.  The wheel bearing race and seal surfaces are machined to match the factory Mazda hubs and except the stock bearings and seals.  The new rotor will be centred between the brake pads, so if you use proper techniques and brake anti squeal products you won’t get brake noises like you get with some other methods of 5 lug swaps.  If you can do a complete brake job, including packing and installing bearings, you can easily install these hubs yourself in your driveway, with basic mechanics tools, and please don’t forget the jack stands to support the vehicle and torque wrench to tighten the wheels!


For the 86-93 Mazda B2200/2600 2 wheel drive 5 lug conversions; the front kit includes, 2 new hubs, 10 bolts for rotor to hub, 10 wheel studs. If you are wanting to go real low with the truck, Lay frame or maybe body drop, you will need a high offset wheel.  You will want to look for a front wheel drive offset wheel, narrow as possible (7.5”-8” is ideal), around a +40mm offset (the more the better, you can always space them out a little if desired, but it costs a lot to machine them extra to bring them in more and not all wheels can be done)! 


All hubs are typically drilled to 2 patterns 5x4.5 (114.3mm) and 5x4.75”, custom patterns may be available at an additional charge for manual machining time.


The stock calipers and pads slide right back on, no messing, no shims, the rotor we use is basically the same specs as the stock rotor, except it attaches with 5 bolts instead of 6, as 1 of those rotor bolts would interfere with the 5 wheel stud pattern. (The rotor is the Same diameter and thickness though).  It is from a toyota truck so it can be ordered from Rockauto ($21.79 each) or your local parts store should be able to bring it in. The part numbers: Raybestos 96047R, Napa 4886047, Wagner BD60615, Centric 121.44020.  It is for a 1980-1983 Toyta 3/4 ton cab and chassis truck. 


The stock wheel bearings and races are used and we recommend you replace yours when installing the kit.


The stock hub seals are used and you will need to install new seals with the new hubs.


Euro style thread in wheel studs are used with a conical (cone) seat and 12mmx1.5 threads, the threaded shank of the studs is 1.1” long which from our experience wrks with most aftermarket wheels, if you plan on running factory wheels off another vehicle that are 5 bolt or something like Weld wheels, you may require different wheel studs, please advise us ahead of time and we can omit the studs from your order and you can get what you need from your local wheel store.


For the rear of a Mazda, I recommend installing a 4 bar suspension of some type and a  Toyota pickup rear differential.  This is a couple inches narrower than the stock Mazda rear end which will give you more room for big wheels.  You may choose to keep the Mazda rear end, if you aren’t going super low and large wheels, a local machine shop or some race car shops should be able to re-drill your rear axles, I won’t be doing re-drilling of the rear axles as shipping is expensive, I am in Canada, and most competent machine shops or race car shops can do that, for most 5 bolt patterns only one hole needs to be welded, then machine the face smooth, leaving the drum centering tabs to centre the drum, but machining them down flush with the face of the drums to not interfere with new wheel centre bore.  Then drill the desired 5 bolt pattern.  Before reinstalling the wheel studs, stand the axle in the drum, in the reverse position and mark and drill each hole( easy to drill with a standard 1/2” drill).  Then reinstall the wheel studs.


If you plan to body drop or run 20s or bigger you will need to do a narrower rear end. You can get a Toyota rear end from a 2 wheel drive Toyota pickup truck, from the wreckers that is narrower, and is 5x4.5” bolt pattern.  You will want to get the last 4 inches of drive shaft and yoke that bolts to the rear end.  You will need to have the toyota yoke welded in place of your yoke on your Mazda drive shaft and I believe you will need to shorten the driveshaft slightly.  This can be done by a drive shaft specialty shop or some machine shops, it is a common thing for drive shaft shops to do, and quite simple, should cost about $100-$200 including rebalancing the shaft.  Another option is an S10 2 wheel drive truck rear end, they are 5x4.75” bolt pattern and narrower than the Mazda rear end.  They can also be a little stronger than the Toyota rear end, and can have Positraction if you are planning on doing a significant increase in horsepower of your engine.


Toyota rear differential widths from wheel mount surface to wheel mount surface :

(guideline only, no guarantees, please measure before purchasing)


73-78 ~ 53"

79-83 ~ 55"

84-88 ~ 57"

89-95 ~ 58.5"

95-04 ~ 60”



A pair of Mazda front hubs are $399 Canadian, which currently exchanges to $339 USD, check the website and make sure the currency at the bottom of the page is set to USD if you are in the USA for current pricing, as it fluctuates with the daily currency exchange rate

Hardware is $60 Canadian or approx $50 USD.  This includes 10 chrome plated euro style thread in wheel studs and 10 zinc plated metric bolts to attach the brake rotors to the hubs.    

Shipping is an additional charge, for hubs and hardware to the USA is usually $38-65 depending on your location.

The website will charge you freight when you are checking out.

We will have the Mazda hubs set up on our website in the "Specialty Hardware" section very soon and open the pre-ordering, there has been a lot of interest lately, make sure you get in early, to get a set from the first batch!

Unfortunately, the hubs are a non-stock item, once we have 10 orders, we will machine a batch, which will take 3 to 4 weeks to complete.  Once complete the orders will ship out immediately and you will be notified.  Please try to place your order well in advance of the first mini truck show you are trying to make it too so you are not panicking and without wheels on your ride, the night before the show!  Sorry, but we will not be responsible for delays in you receiving your order and missing out an event you hope to make it to.  Please put your email address in the contact or shipping info on your order so you will get updates when your order has shipped.


We are currently working on the optional Big Brake kits, which will include a custom machined Wilwood rotor hat that bolts to the Wilwood rotors allowing them to attach to our hubs.  The rotors will be Wilwood 13" drilled and slotted rotors, Wilwood Dynapro Calipers, with custom brackets, Wilwood pads and hardware.  A minimum wheel size of 17" will be required to clear the big brake kit.  The complete big brake upgrade kit will be Approximately $1300.00 USD.