1958-1964 Impala front shock relocator kit

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1958-1964 Impala front shock relocator kit, works on Impala, Belair, Biscayne etc.

Relocates the shocks to the outside of the lower control arm to allow room for air bag installation.  Upper mount needs to be welded in place, lower shock mounts hole needs to be drilled and shock boss bolted in place.

Our kit is different from the others in a few ways, the upper mount is a little taller allowing for a longer shock.  We use KYB shocks, with a proper lower bushing for a heavy duty 5/8" lower shock boss, the other kits out there require you to press out the original lower bushing inner sleeve, which often ruins the bushing, leaving you without a lower bushing to put in place.  Our shock boss actually come with a second set of bushings, in case the originals wear out.  Our kit also does not hold up the front suspension, it allows full compression and still has about 1/2" of shock travel left, if you get the mounts in the correct spot.

Shocks are essential for a smooth safe ride, they also help in handling and emergency braking situations, don't let your buddy convince you that you don't need them, this kit makes it easy!

The factory inner fenders will need to be trimmed to clear the shock and upper mount.

If you have a factory manual transmission, you will need to do a little modification to clear the Clutch Z-Bar assembly.