Asco 1/2" Fast Valve

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Good, reliable, 1/2" solenoid valves for a Fast air ride system, you will require 8 of them for a complete, 4 bag system.

Specifications & Features:

  • 12V DC Normally Closed 2 Way with 1/2" NPT Threads. Does not come with any valve mount brackets.
  • Brass body with inlet & outlet (Air Flow Arrow) marked at the bottom of valves.
  • Low AMP draw, with 5 Watt solenoid coil, Pilot operated valves with water tight enclosure.
  • 300 PSI inlet pressure capability, 230 psi operating pressure
  • Compact Size for tight locations.
  • High Ambient temperature rating 15- 176 Degree F, for under hood applications.
  • 5 PSI Minimum pressure required to open the valve.

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