Impala HD Y Bone kit

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1961-1964 Chevy Impala heavy duty Y-Bone kit, may fit 59-60 if you have a full cross member that you rear upper link is attached to.


This kit is designed to replace the rear upper suspension link and the panhard bar that centres your rear axle, it bolts in place of the upper arm, attaching in to the factory upper bracket on the right side.  The provided additional front bracket gets located, drilled and bolted to the left side of the cross member (if you have a factory big block car the left side bracket may already be there).  The Y shape keeps the rear end from moving side to side, this is vital if you are running reverse off set wires wheels and have the vehicle on air suspension or hydraulics as the lip of the rims and the tires will be very close to rubbing or will rub on the inside of the rear inner wheel well housings with the factory upper link and panhard bar.

This will work with most air ride suspension, with rear shocks and basic Lay-N-Play hydraulic systems, with up to 12" rear cylinders and with shocks.

The Y bone is made of heavy 0.219" wall DOM Steel tubing in 1.25" diameter, the threads are direct threaded in to the seamless tube 4" deep for excellent thread engagement (please use never seize on the threads), not a welded in tube insert with 1" of threads like most other kits on the market.  The heim joint is a magnum 7/8" x 4" joint.  The front bushings are poly urethane with grease nipples for easy lubrication without disassembly.  Grade 8 hardware is provided as well as shims for the helm joint end to centre the diff housing.  Additional adjustments to centre the diff can be done like factory, by spacing (shimming) the front upper mounts.